Copies and Direct Printing

Whether your need is black and white or full color copies. We have machines available that can copy and print single and double sided copies, and at competitive pricing.

Have you ever picked up a copy of something that had a 'fuzzy' look to it? This can happen when you have a copy of a copy, of a copy. Even a copy of an inkjet printed original can have this problem. Do you want the clearest copy possible? Then feel free to take advantage of a direct printing of your document. This can be done for you, just bring in your disc or memory stick and we can print your file direct.

If time and scheduling is an issue you can email your file to us and your project will be ready for you to come in and pick-up. (Or we can deliver it to you for free or a small fee depending on volume and /or location.)

We at PrintSmiths are here to try to help you simplify your life by taking a little stress away.













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