Do you have a stack of treasured family photos that you want in digital form so that you can share them or have them put into a photo book for a family reunion?

Maybe like me, you are the family historian and you are the “Keeper of the Albums.” I know that it makes me feel better that I have digital copies of the pictures of my ggggGrandfather who was born in 1792, or the civil war rank advancement paper for my gggGrandfather. If the worst happened such as a fire, knowing that I have a copy of these treasures on a DVD in a fireproof safe is a good feeling, no it's not quite like the original hard card photo or the actual paper but the image is still there and not lost forever.

We are happy to scan your treasured photos or whatever you need scanned. For large quantities of scans please allow time or drop off and pick up later (delivery of your items as well as a disc with all images is available for a nominal fee.)

We can also scan your negatives and slides.

Examples of photo and document scans.

Addional services available for digital images;

  • Photo restoration services
  • Photo enhancement services also available; Color to sepia or Black/White
  • Background adjustment
  • Conversion to a B/W color “pop”
  • Blurs and blends
  • We can even put these into a book for you

Examples of photo restoration and enhancement













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